KILIMANJARO BOUND LIMITED was registered in 2012 as company having certificate of incorporation section 15 No.89840 Act,2002 under his leadership. And since then the company has been providing the best customer service care and safety while hiking Kilimanjaro or on safari. It is supporting the local people by giving them opportunity to work with the company. We think of fair and ethical treatment of porters. We want to ensure that all our crews are treated well and have fare wages and that the money they get from their climb remains in the local communities. Our guides are full trained with first aid course and very experienced on the Mountain Climbing. They would make you feel to accomplish your dream and the team work is always ready to help by any means when needed.

The hassle of planning a trip doesn’t end at just deciding where you want to go and the budgeting but also booking flights, transportation and cars etc. We do it all for you. We always try to provide our customers more than every penny they spend here on their tour to Africa.

Customer centric and corporate responsibility is our main focus areas. We share a major portion of our income for the local community development, especially on education, employment and infrastructure. This helps taking the standard of living of the local people to the next level.

we want to be the best local tour operator like no other . We aim to show you the beauty of Africa that you never have dreamt up and to be the one stop shop for all your travelling needs starting from airline tickets, hotels, luxury resorts, cruises, trains to car rentals with unbeatable price. Our mission is to guarantee the maximum value and service for every one of your travel dollars.
Our goal is to be the best kilimanjaro and safari tour operator in Africa by operating from anywhere to anywhere in Africa and educating the people on wildlife conservation. To deliver unique, inspiring and best experience of the regions we are operating to all our customers which would give them the perpetual bliss even long after their departure from this land.


The Kilimanjaro Bound has its own unique story back from the early that, Yohani Kinyala Lauwo was only eighteen years old when he led Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller to the highest point of Africa on October 5th, 1889. His selection by the Mangi (Chagga chief) to be Hans Meyer’s guide was accidental, but it forever changed his life. Kinyala (as he was called) was born and lived his entire life in the village of Marangu, nestled on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Before Europeans came to East Africa, many of the Lauwo clan of the Chagga tribe hunted the forest elephants for ivory and sold it to the Swahili traders from the coast. The forest also supplied them with honey, timber, medicine and Colobus monkey hides.

By the time Hans Meyer arrived in Chaggaland, Kinyala Lauwo was a tall teenager who knew the forest like the back of his hand. By then, colonialism had started in Kinyala’s homeland and young men were being forced to construct roads. Kinyala tried to dodge the ‘draft’, but was caught. As a result, he was summoned for trial at Mangi Marealli’s palace. Coincidentally, Hans Meyer had just arrived at the palace asking for permission to climb the mountain and guides and porters. The Mangi’s wachili (advisors) spotted Kinyala, knew that he was of the Lauwo clan, and asked him to guide the expedition.

The event led Kinyala (later called Mzee Lauwo) to guide Mt. Kilimanjaro climbs for more than seventy years! For his first  climb, he was only wrapped in blankets. Over the years, he obtained appropriate clothing and hiking gear. When Mzee Lauwo turned one-hundred years old, the Tanzania National Parks gave him a beautiful, modern style house painted in light purple and pink pastels. Here he lived with his two wives until his death on May 10th, 1998, after a grand life of a one-hundred twenty-five years!

Mzee Lauwo was our Grandfather and now you see no one has been climbing this mountain longer than the Lauwo’s. We would like very much the opportunity to help you organizing your Tanzania Vocation.



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