None of your journey to this land of wilds can be more spectacular without Kilimanjaro Bound where Safari and Mountaineering are perfectly engineered.

About the Director
Samson Lauwo, the Owner of Kilimanjaro Bound holds the office of the Director who personally remains accountable to all the customers visiting Tanzania. Once an ordinary porter has now turned to be the director of the company. His long experience starting from the ordinary porter to the assistant Guide to the Chief full routes guide has made him one of the most experienced guides that the world knows so far. The man is holding a great career record of summiting the Kilimanjaro top for 200 times leading the groups.  He is best known for upholding the highest levels of quality, variety, flexibility, and value. This makes him the 1st choice when people think of Kilimanjaro climbing.

The Story to the success
Samson Lauwo, the Co-founder and the Owner of Kilimanjaro Bound Limited based in Moshi, was born and brought up in Marangu Village at the foot hills base of Mount Kilimanjaro about 5km from the main entrance of Marangu gate and about 40km from Moshi Town. He was born to conquer the highest mountain of Kilimanjaro.  The nature led him in this direction after the completion of his secondary education.

He made his first climbing just after he finished his secondary education at the age of 17 as an ordinary porter via Rongai route which took 6 days for summiting. It still throbs the heart when he recollects the challenges of his first climb.  He was inexperienced and had less climbing gears that made the whole climb inexplicably painful. There were no enough tents for the crews. This compelled him to spend the windy and rainy nights in the cave, although that was prohibited. No enough food no shelter and it was raining all through the way. Still he remembers the song that warmed him up “Kilimanjaro in Chagga thus KILEMA KYARO” which means impossible safari. The higher altitude also brought him the more challenging days. But as the days went on  he used to accompany various groups and learn about all the climbing routes, fixing the tent for camping, and bringing water for cooking.

As the ordinary porter he was only to get the base camp. But in 2001 he made his first attempt as the summit porter and succeeded in summiting the Uhuru peak. This made the next levels easier for him. He did not look back. In 2002 I was promoted as a Assistant Guide, where he started getting more mountain experience and knowledge on guiding rules and rescuing people. The year 2003 gave him the reorganization of a Chief full routes guide. And to his credit, till now he has led 200 groups successfully to the summit. The years of experience that he underwent from ordinary porter to the chief guide made him one of the most popular guide of world repute for Kilimanjaro Climbing.

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